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Summer Stories: The River
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MRCA administers the two recreational zones. The Recreational Zones will be open from Memorial Day, May 29, from sunrise to sunset, seven days a week.

There are two designated stretches of the Los Angeles River for recreation. The 2. What programs will be offered at the Recreational Zone? How much will they cost? There are many free activities you could do along the Recreational Zones on your own. Visitors can walk, hike, photograph and birdwatch without any permits. Various bike paths are located near the Recreational Zones, from which you can go for a bike ride up or down the river. Fishing is also allowed, but with the usual permits required by the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Pedestrians are limited to paved and rocky surfaces, so as not to disturb the wildlife there. The most popular recreational activity is kayaking. The Sepulveda Basin kayaking experience is more leisurely and calm compared to the Elysian Valley route. Thus, the price for guided tours is also less expensive on the Sepulveda Basin route. Visitors may kayak on their own, if they have their own vehicles.


Land cover data see legend are derived from the National Land Cover Database data set. Like the bass population, all of the river's rainbow trout are stocked. Byars named the river after his daughter. This is even better when you pass the stunning scenery of the Rhine Gorge or the Douro Valley during your river cruise. Cruise Line. In the dry high desert country along the upper Ana River, California quail and mourning doves are very common.

Personal floatation devices need to be accessible within the vehicle and those under 13 years of age will need to be wearing them throughout the kayak trip. They are also encouraged to check the latest weather reports. Other safety tips are available here. Individuals are given access to the river for free, but schools, non-profit organizations, and for-profit businesses require a permit from MRCA.

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Details here. No, there's no age limit for accessing the recreational zone, but adults are highly encouraged to ensure the safety of their children by keeping a watchful eye over them, especially on the concrete riverbanks where it can be slippery and wet. Gomez says that bringing your own child to the banks means taking on individual responsible for their health and safety.

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If schools wish to access the recreational zone, they should work with the MRCA who limit the age of school children to 9 years of age and above. Kayaking trips are limited to children 10 years and over. Participants under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

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Pets are not allowed. If you're going to a guided kayaking trip, prior experience isn't necessary. Many of the trips include basic instruction on how to manage a kayak. Kayakers should be reasonably fit and engage in ongoing and regular exercise. Older folks have been very able to navigate the river. There are some rocky sections on the recreational zones that may require kayakers to carry their vehicles a short distance.

Those who want a more leisurely experience kayaking on calm water should book kayak rides on the Sepulveda Basin, which has deeper water with fewer obstacles. At Elysian Valley, there are some rapids and obstacles to get around. Gomez says access points to the recreational zone does not have ADA compliant ADA ramps, but the disabled are not barred from the river if they are able to manage it.

MRCA can also work disabled individuals who would like to kayak the river. Jeans are not recommended as they get heavy when wet. Bring a change of clothing for after the tour and a plastic bag to place wet clothes in. Bring a re-useable water bottle, ideally with a screw on top that can be hooked onto the boat. Single use water bottles are discouraged because they can fall over the boat and end up polluting the river.

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Summer Recreation · Hiking · Camping · Mountain Biking · Fishing · OHV & Jeeps · At the Ski & Summer Area · Community House · Rafting · Hunting · Horseback. Camp River provides campers with a balanced schedule of creative, intellectual and physical activities which serve as an “educational bridge” for the summer.

Pack as lightly as you can. We love getting everyone involved in the camp activities like cooking and serving dinner. The warm weather in the northern region of Idaho tends to keep visitors close to the water during the day.

How to Enjoy the L.A. River This Summer | KCET

The water temperature is perfect for swimming and most of our guests love the opportunity to just float along with the boats in the calmer sections of water or in front of camp. Mornings and evenings are a perfect time to explore the areas around camp, pan for gold, and look for artifacts.

There is an immense amount of Native American history in the canyon, still evident by the occasional pictograph or arrowhead. We love getting everyone involved in the fun and educational activities like boat rescue exercises, obstacle courses, team-building exercises and outdoor cooking classes. Trip Details. River Accomodations.

Beyond the Banks. Trip Highlights Expanding lives, one raft trip at a time! River Accommodations. Campers get to know camp and the activities available by working together to solve riddles while competing against other groups. Bring your colors! Campers work with their groups to find as many items as possible in the time frame given.

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Creativity and imagination encouraged!! Campers are split into teams and work together to come out on top. The all-inclusive session fee includes a tee-shirt, water bottle,awards, lodging, activities, meals and amazing memories. Start by selecting the number of weeks you wish to send your child to camp.