The Divine Wind

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There seems to be little real racial prejudice in the town, though there are subtle reminders of the past: Sadako may have worked in a brothel when she first arrived in Broome and there are hints of ill-treatment of the Aborigines.

His wife, Bernadette, was separated from her family when she was little and raised by the nuns, who instilled in her the conviction that she could never amount to anything more than a servant. While the town is not under pressure, these hints of racial prejudice remain in the background. The Tampa had not arrived when Disher wrote his novel, but he shows himself to be a prescient observer in his recognition of the fragility of Australia's racial tolerance and what is now called multiculturalism.

Generally, it is an idyllic existence, except for Hartley's English-born mother, who reacts violently against the easygoing egalitarianism of the town and returns home. Ironically - and pointedly - it is the English-born person who can't fit where the Japanese can.

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All this is due to change, of course, and what Disher now offers us is a slice of Australian history at a crucial time and its disruptive effect on the lives of a number of individuals. Disher has always been intensely interested in Australian history and has written several books about it.

The Divine Wind : Japan's Kamikaze Force in World War II

In addition, he has dealt with it in his fiction. The stories in Approaches begin at the time of World War I. The Stencil Man first sounds the theme of detention for those deemed to be aliens in a time of war.

As Japanese bombs begin to fall like silver rain on northern Australia, loyalties are divided and friendships take on an altogether different form … 'This thrilling and beautifully written new novel from Garry Disher evokes an era of Australia caught up in the events of war and its effects on people torn apart from all they know and hold dear in childhood.

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Publisher: Hodder Headline. Publisher: Sceptre. Sydney , New South Wales , : Sceptre , Image courtesy of publisher's website. Publisher: Hachette Australia.

Publisher: Arthur A. Levine Books. Translator: Marie Louise Hansen-Hoeck. Alternative title: Den guddommelige vind Language: Danish. Publisher: Gyldendal.

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Other Formats. Also braille, sound recording. Works about this Work. Looking at literature published within the last thirty to forty years, Wilson identifies and explores a prevalent trend for re-visioning and rewriting the past according to modern social and political ideological assumptions.

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Fiction within this genre, while concerned with the past at the level of content, is additionally concerned with present views of that historical past because of the future to which it is moving. Specific areas of discussion include the identification of a new sub-genre: Living history fiction, stories of Joan of Arc, historical fiction featuring agentic females, the very popular Scholastic Press historical journal series, fictions of war, and historical fiction featuring multicultural discourses.

Hartley and Alice Penrose are the children of an uneducated pearling master and a cultivated, disgruntled mother. Mitsy Sennosuke is Japanese, the daughter of Zeke, a diver working for Hartley and Alice s father, and Sadako, who makes soy sauce in a tin shed factory. Jamie Kilian is the son of a local magistrate, recently moved north from the city. Together, they unconsciously cross the boundaries of class and race, as they swim, joke and watch films in the cinema in Sheba Lane. But these happy, untroubled times end when lives are lost in a terrible cyclone, Alice falls for a wealthy cattleman pilot, a young woman is assaulted, and Hartley and Jamie compete for the love of Mitsy.

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