The Boy With Golden Eyes

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And with a resigned sigh, he headed toward the tent he shared with his mother where she accepted him with a warm smile and a large bowl of sea prune stew.

Zuko didn't know that he had started to nod off until he heard a long, loud groan come from the outside of the tent. He snapped awake and searched the tent for his mother, but she was nowhere to be found. With no reply, Zuko pushes himself on his feet and grabbed his boots and spear. He only pushed one foot in before he was outside the tent and he stopped in his tracks.

Before him stood the biggest and hairiest six-legged beast he had ever seen before in his life with long horns. Zuko took a tentative step back and dropped his other boot.

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He stopped when he saw her come out from behind the beast. She beamed at him and flicked her long braid over her shoulder and came up to him. Behind her, he saw an extremely displeased Sokka come out from around the beast mumbling something grumpily. A young boy jumped down from the top of the beast and Zuko could have sworn that he felt a gust of wind brush him as he landed. Katara looked over her shoulder at the boy and her smile grew larger. She turned back around and was about to answer when the boy bounced up to him. Zuko sighed. The existence of airbenders was just an urban legend.

A fairy tale, so to speak.

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No one had actually seen an airbender in years. Ever since Fire Lord Sozin started the war nearly one hundred years ago when he launched a deadly attack on the Air Nomads. Zuko watched Aang get into what he assumed was a bending stance. The boy shifted his feet and moved his arms along with his body, and before Zuko could make a counter argument about the existence of airbenders, he felt a moderate gust of wind brush past him and push some loose snow on the ground into the air. Nearby children had ceased their playing and had run up to them. Some clapped their hands with glee and exclaimed for Aang to airbend again.

Aang obliged them, twirling around lightly on his toes before he was moving around on a what he called "an air scooter. It seems like he's a bit far away from wherever the airbenders are! Katara whirled around with her hands on her hips. Just rumours that they—. She cut off her brother. He was lost and we found him! And besides, Aang can teach me how to bend.

The Boy With Golden Eyes

Zuko rolled his eyes at the sibling's quarrel and thanked the spirits that his parents never granted him a sibling, and with a sigh, he stepped forward. Aang stopped playing with the children and whirled around at the teenagers and smiled. He shot forward until he landed before the beast and pat him on the nose. Sokka looked back at his younger sister. Things that big just don't fly. I'm sorry, Katara, but you just gotta believe me on this one.

When a cold gust of wind blew over, Zuko gave the boy a glance-over. He lacked a parka or anything warm, wearing nothing but a threadbare tunic and a pair of thin-looking trousers and boots.

The Boy With the Golden Eyes

The Boy with Golden Eyes book. Read 8 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Young Rupert, with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and. The Boy with Golden Eyes [Marjorie Young] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Young Rupert, with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

How he survived this long out in the South Pole, Zuko would never know. Katara rushed to Aang's side and grabbed onto his arm. I'm sure that Gran-gran—. Katara held onto Aang's arm tightly and dragged him toward her tent until it was just Sokka and Zuko. The children had long since gone back to their mothers and respective chores once Aang had stopped airbending and became no longer of interest to them. That…and their mothers really wanted them to resume their chores and remain a far away distance from the stranger to the village.

He's an outsider, we can't—. What if the Fire Nation is on our doorstep tomorrow? When he pulled back the flap into the tent, he nodded his head respectfully at Kanna as she sat stiffly in the middle stirring a boiling pot of what smelled like whale. Her face was pinched into a frown directed toward the animated young boy sitting on one of the furs with Katara as she explained to him each of the tools and ornaments hanging from the ceiling of the tent.

Zuko looked to the boy on the pile of soft furs and moved to sit across from Kanna. Sokka remained standing by the entrance of the tent with his arms crossed over his chest. Katara stopped explaining everything to Aang at her grandmother's tone and glanced over at them. Zuko opened his mouth and was about to explain when Katara rushed over next to him and sat on her knees beside him. Zuko could tell that Kanna was having a difficult time that Aang, a stranger who had seemingly appeared out of nowhere, was an airbender.

Without a doubt Zuko was sure that Katara had introduced him once she and Aang had entered the tent, but ignored the tension that had coiled up within her grandmother at the sight of a stranger. Strangers weren't a good memory for the tribe. No one's seen an airbender in one hundred years. Aang lifted his hand and flexed his wrist, but nothing came out when Kanna held up her hand. She turned to Zuko and Sokka and sighed. This time it was Aang who jumped up. I didn't bring anyone with me! No one in the Air Nation knows I'm here because I left without telling them!

Sokka moved forward and grabbed Aang by his thin shirt and pulled him forward.

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Katara reached out and grabbed her brother's wrist and tried to push him off of Aang. Zuko watched the siblings as they struggled over the airbender boy. He felt utterly hopeless in situations such as these. His mother had told him many times over to never get involved with their sibling quarrels ever since Katara accidentally froze him to the ground.

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Aang leaned forward toward the older woman. The avatar's not in the Fire Nation, and he hasn't been since he was born! I know so because my grandfather told me! Aang sighed. The boy sighed again. I figured there I'd get some clues because I really have no idea where to find him.

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Aang smiled. That's great! There was silence after that, and the only one in the tent who made a noise was Katara. She moved forward until she was very close to her grandmother. He can teach me how to bend! Zuko sighed and got up from where he sat. For all he knew, he was done in the tent. He only meant to see what would become of Aang and see that he was settled. With Kanna allowing the boy to stay the night, Zuko felt like his presence was no longer needed.

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You may have heard of me. Akaashi could feel the deep redness on his cheeks, realization of what had just happened setting in. Sokka let out a frustrated groan. And what is that thing? Narrated by: Rupert Degas. They completely failed to pay any attention to him whatsoever. Zuko sighed.

Katara grumbled to herself as she readied herself for bed that night. For the first time in her life she has met a bender that was not a firebender and she found that she would like to learn from him more than anything. All Episodes. Mark as Played. Popular Podcasts.

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Each episode has a different theme in which Ron engages in conversation with another notable person on the topic at hand. Bad Batch … Patients in search of a miracle cure end up in critical condition. The race is on to find out what went wrong before more people get hurt. The trail leads back to a medical company with slick marketing and a charismatic CEO. We would spend hours holding hands on the beach and watch the waves as it hit the rocks ashore and nibble on crackers and cheese.

In the evening, as the sun kissed the water at the horizon, we would watch out for ships and wondered where they would be sailing to. Maybe I liked to believe what he believed.