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The novel and its sequel were the inspiration for the point-and-click adventure computer game Voyage: Inspired by Jules Verne. In the The Quantum Thief trilogy, the protagonist enters an uneasy alliance with the "Gun Club zoku", who specialize in military weaponry, and in The Causal Angel after escaping Earth using a nuclear powered space gun, sells the "Verne gun bullet" to them as a unique collectible item; author Hannu Rajaniemi is a fan of Verne.

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Impey's goal is to build the technology to reach the moon, reflecting the story of the novel. The attraction opened in The attraction's exterior was designed using a Verne era retro-futuristic influence. Elements of the ambiance include rivet and boiler plate effect and the "Columbiad," which recoils with a bang and produces smoke as each car passes, giving riders the perception of being shot into space. During , the ride was refurbished and renamed Space Mountain: Mission 2 as part of the Happiest Celebration on Earth.

The ride no longer features elements of the original storyline from the novel. The program shows the development of the attraction, from conception to construction to testing the final attraction. The documentary, originally broadcast on BBC Two in the United Kingdom, was also aired on other channels in many countries. In , a new film version of the story was announced, under the banner of Project Epicus [6] —a film project—with the full blessing of Jules Verne 's great-grandson Jean Verne that began production in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This article is about the Jules Verne novel. For the film adaptation, see From the Earth to the Moon film. Main article: Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain. This section possibly contains original research. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed.

December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Novels portal. Retrieved 23 September From the Earth to the Moon. Works by Jules Verne. It is not. In fact this is an exciting addition to fantasy novels for children from about age seven years, although it is also a most engrossing adventure story. The pencil drawings by the author fit the written text perfectly and add atmosphere and often energy to the story. It is not surprising that this story has been compared to the work of Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear: riddles and word play, mysteries and surprises are wonderfully interwoven.

Dialogue is convincing too. When the mother of Henry and Henrietta, the two children in the story, wrongly accuses them of losing her brooch she threatens that if they do not find it soon she will cancel their birthday party. Look at the way you were treating Curd the Lion just now. Beating him to rags! In 'Choosing and Using' I wanted to help student teachers know about some of the very best books for children after my lifetime in teaching children and students. Your book about Curd the Lion is hugely original and imagination stretching.

My grandchildren are all 4 and under, but I will be getting them each a copy to treasure in the future. I wonder what you are working on now. You deserve every success. With warmest regards, Margaret. A terrific review from one of the top fantasy writers of today, Katherine Langrish:. Not for every child, perhaps, but any budding chess players or crossword puzzle fiends will have a whale of a time. Ive read right up to the bit with the Minorbores riddle. I really need to find out what it means. I cant wait till the next book comes out.

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Steven Ryan, aged 46, Fareham: "I have been an avid reader of Terry Pratchett for many years and find it difficult to pick up books from other authors because few seem to combine imagination with wit and ingenious wordplay. I have to say, humble pie has never tasted so good. I picked up "The amazing adventures of Curd the lion in the back of beyond" in Waterstone's bookshop in Fareham not realising that the person I was talking to was the author Alan Gilliland. The artwork on display was very similar to Josh Kirby who does Pratchett's artwork, an instant bonus point.

I bought a copy of the book mainly, I have to say, at first for the artwork, but when I got home and read the first few pages I couldn't put the book down.

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The story is compelling, as good and in places better than any Pratchett book. The Minorbores puzzles are my favourite part of the book still working on the 3rd puzzle.

Overall impression? I loved this book and can't wait for the second. Thanks for the chat we had Mr. Gilliland, you've opened my mind to a new realm. I read the book in about three hours!

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I started last night and finshed it this morning! The day is Good Friday the tenth of April I bought the book from Alan Gilliland himself after he had told me about the amazing story. Also it sounded so fabulous that mum got my best friend called Genevieve one.

I absolutely loved it. I know Genevieve will like it. The way in which it crosses the boundaries of childhood and adulthood imagination was truly inspiring — a magical tour de force through the imagination, that reminds you of what it was to dream as a child and to comprehend as an adult!

The illustrations are amazing and all who I have shared the book with have commented likewise. Plus as someone attempting her own poetry and looking for new ways of reading, the linguistics used within your book were very inspirational. I have also found myself puzzling over and working out the riddles. In a theatre box, the mayor, "The Right Ordinary Horatio Jackson", reinforces the city's commitment to reason by ordering the execution of a soldier who had just accomplished a near-superhuman feat of bravery, claiming that his bravery is demoralizing to other soldiers and citizens.

Not far into the play, an elderly man claiming to be the real Baron interrupts the show, protesting its many inaccuracies. Over the complaints of the audience, the theatre company and Jackson, the "real" Baron gains the house's attention and narrates through flashback an account of one of his adventures, of a life-or-death wager with the Grand Turk, where the younger Baron's life is saved only by his amazing luck plus the assistance of his remarkable associates: Berthold, the world's fastest runner; Adolphus, a rifleman with superhuman eyesight; Gustavus, who possesses extraordinary hearing, and sufficient lung power to knock down an army by exhaling; and the fantastically strong Albrecht.

When gunfire disrupts the elderly Baron's story, Jackson cancels the acting troupe's contract because of the Baron. The Baron wanders backstage, where the Angel of Death tries to take his life, but Sally Salt, the young daughter of the theater company's leader, saves him and persuades him to remain living.

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Christmas Posting Dates here. Please press enter for search. Shop on the Go Download the app and get exciting app only offers at your fingertips. Color: Color. See other items More Maud introduces Comedy Family Fantasy.

Sally races to the wall yelling for the Turkish army to go away, and the Baron accidentally fires himself through the sky using a mortar and returns riding a cannonball, narrowly escaping the Angel of Death once again. Insisting that he alone can save the city, the Baron escapes over the city's walls in a hot air balloon constructed of women's underwear, accompanied by Sally as a stowaway.

ISBN 13: 9781405275583

The balloon expedition proceeds to the Moon, where the Baron, who has grown younger, finds his old associate Berthold, but angers the King of the Moon, a giant with separate minds in his head and body, who resents the Baron for his romantic past with the Queen of the Moon. The death of the King's body, and a bungled escape from the Moon, brings the trio back to the Earth, and into the volcano of the Roman god Vulcan. He hosts the group as his guests and reveals Albrecht is working as his servant. The Baron and Vulcan's wife, the Goddess Venus , attempt a romantic interlude by waltzing in the air, but this cuts short the hospitality and Vulcan expels the foursome from his kingdom into the South Seas.

Swallowed by an enormous sea creature, the travellers locate Gustavus, Adolphus, and the Baron's trusty horse Bucephalus. The Baron who again appears elderly after being "expelled from a state of bliss" encounters the Angel of Death for the fourth time. Finally they escape by blowing "a modicum of snuff" out into the sea creature's cavernous interior, causing it to sneeze the heroes out through its whale-like blowhole.

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The Baron, young once again, sails to where the Turkish army is located but the Baron's associates are too elderly and tired to fight. The Baron lectures them firmly but to no avail, and he storms off intending to surrender to the Grand Turk. His companions rally to save the Baron, and through a series of fantastic acts they rout the Turkish army away and liberate the city. During the city's celebratory parade, the Baron is shot dead by Jackson and the Angel of Death appears a final time to take the Baron's life.

An emotional public funeral takes place, but the denouement reveals that this is merely the final scene of yet another story the Baron is telling to the same theater-goers in the city. The Baron calls the foregoing "only one of the many occasions on which I met my death" and closes his tale by saying "everyone who had a talent for it lived happily ever after".

The Baron leads the citizens to the city gates to reveal the city has indeed been saved, though it is unclear if the events of the battle occurred in a story or in reality. Sally asks, "It wasn't just a story, was it?

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The Amazing Adventures of Mr Man on the Moon - Kindle edition by Richard Malewicz. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. The Amazing Adventures of Mr Man on the Moon eBook: Richard Malewicz: Kindle Store.

These tales were frequently extended and translated throughout the 19th century, further fictionalized in the American novel Mr. We always had a budget of 34 or 35 million, the problem was when I started to discuss it with Columbia, Columbia would not go beyond Everybody knew from the very beginning that this cutting out was just a fake. The problem was that David Puttnam got fired, and all these deals were oral deals.