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Published: Jul Buy from our partners. Thais of Athens, the best-selling novel by Ivan Yefremov, a prominent Russian scientist and writer, was first published in Russia nearly forty years ago. It has sold millions of copies and to some extent has shaped the national cultural outlook on femininity and true humanity.

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The novel embraces the authentic historical overview and, with more relevance to our time, offers a unifying distinction of the ancient philosophies and religions through the prism of the universal humane values of all times. The pivoting point of the novel is the female aspect of divinity, the disregard and diminution of which led to domination of machismo reflected in spiritual and social trends, culture and ultimately human progress. About the Author Ivan Yefremov was an outstanding paleontologist, historian and science fiction writer.

Frequently ridiculed in the west for the romantic description of communism in his best-known novel "Andromeda Nebula", Yefremov was, in fact, frequently at odds with the Soviet government.

Thais of Athens

His later, more profound novels exploring the injustices and abuses of totalitarian societies such as the former USSR and China, spent more time on the various publishers' shelves than they did at the printing press. Yefremov's works such as "Hour of the Bull" and "Razor Blade" were out of circulation for decades, before they were finally resurrected in the 's.

While his ideas may be disagreeable to some, Ivan Yefremov's writing is invariably captivating and profound, with adventure, romance, history and philosophy merging together. Maria K.

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Thais of Athens (Russian: Таис Афинская) is a historical novel by Ivan Efremov written in It tells the story of the famous hetaera Thaïs, who was one of. Thaïs (Greek: Θαΐς) was a famous Greek hetaera who accompanied Alexander the Great on his Thaïs apparently came from Athens and accompanied Alexander throughout his campaign in Asia Minor. She came to the attention of history.

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Andromeda Nebula. Ivan Yefremov - was a Soviet writer and paleontologist.

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The novel provides examples of following works:

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