I Am Suicide Man: The Truth Behind the Cash for Suicide Scandal

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Why was he alone in a cell? Those are questions that should be asked about every in-custody suicide. We should also ask how authorities determined it was time to remove someone from suicide watch. What suicide risk assessment was used? Was the decision appropriate given the assessment?

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And, perhaps most important, what follow-up care did someone receive after the prison decided the risk of suicide was past? Experts often recommend removing someone from suicide watch as soon as possible because the experience in itself can be traumatic. No books, visits, mail, phone calls or exercise.

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Meals consist only of peanut butter sandwiches. In January, attorneys filed an emergency motion seeking to end the placement of high-risk prisoners in solitary confinement where the majority of suicides in Alabama have taken place.

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The motion included details of the suicide of Paul Ford in January Ford had attempted suicide nine months before. The prison put him on suicide watch, then returned him two days later to the same cell where he had tried to hang himself. The cell had not been cleaned and still had a noose hanging where Ford had tied it during his suicide attempt.

It deserved our full attention decades ago and not just when a rich, white man happened to make headlines in a sensational tragedy.

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I Love You, Now Die: Discover the truth behind the text scandal that shocked a nation

The medical emergency occurred during a sexual encounter, the report specified. A tragedy, this whole thing, but at least Bill Conradt was innocent. Keep abreast of significant corporate, financial and political developments around the world. Did he see Dateline 's vans early in the morning, like so many of his neighbors did? The decision to send in the SWAT team [was] "the stupidest and most unnecessary thing that I have ever heard of in law enforcement.

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He said that his partners were responsible for the videos and that a team of about people worked on them. He said he would forward email requests for comment to them. Those emails went unanswered. Michael Rich, a pediatrics professor at Harvard Medical School and the director of the Center on Media and Child Health, said such videos brought up a host of issues for children.

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