Handbook for Battered Leaders

Handbook for Battered Leaders
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Advanced Search Links. Product Close-up Editorial Reviews. Add To Cart. Add To Cart 0. The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse. Push Back the Dark. The Action Bible. Using Paul's second letter to the Corinthian church as a "classic management case study," Janis and Wes Balda identify the contributing factors to organizational conflict, particularly in ministry, and highlight solutions for obtaining a more healthy, constructive common commitment.

Even if they are not accompanied by physical abuse, the effect of these incidents must not be minimized. Many of the resources listed in this book have information available for people who are involved with an emotionally abusive intimate partner.

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For additional information on the domestic violence definitions and laws in your state, please contact the state resource listed in this handbook. Adapted from: Sarah Buel, Esq. Every individual in an abusive relationship needs a safety plan. Shelters and crisis counselors have been urging safety plans for years, and police departments, victim services, hospitals, and courts have adopted this strategy. Safety plans should be individualized -- for example, taking account of age, marital status, whether children are involved, geographic location, and resources available -- but still contain common elements.

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As awareness about domestic violence has grown, so has the recognition that this crime has a major impact in the workplace. The abuse an employee receives at home can lead to lost productivity, higher stress, increased absenteeism and higher health care costs. To ensure that the Federal government will be a leader in educating employees about the serious implications of domestic violence, President Clinton has directed the heads of every Federal department to conduct employee awareness campaigns on the issue.

Similar programs are underway in corporate America, led by companies such as the Polaroid Corporation, Marshalls Inc.

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This handbook is another step in the Federal Employee Awareness Campaign on Domestic Violence, the goal of which is to educate and foster awareness about domestic violence for United States government employees worldwide. Through this campaign, we hope to put people in touch with resources, such as Employee Assistance Programs EAP and publications which will be helpful in combatting the crime of domestic violence. On February 21, , President Clinton announced a nationwide, hour, toll-free domestic violence hotline.

Help is also available to callers in Spanish and to other non-English speakers.

The hotline provides immediate crisis intervention for those in need. Callers can receive counseling and be referred directly to help in their communities, including emergency services and shelters. Also, operators can offer information and referrals, counseling and assistance in reporting abuse to survivors of domestic violence, family members, neighbors, and the general public.

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In many areas, there are local domestic violence agencies which can provide crisis services such as shelter, counseling, and legal assistance. These numbers can be obtained from state or regional coalitions, from the phone book, or by calling information. The Department of Agriculture's Employee Assistance Program can also provide you with assistance and referrals, support groups, counseling and other services.

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Skip Navigation. Enter search term. What Is It? Who Are the Victims? What is a Safety Plan? Breaking the Silence on Domestic Violence Tough new laws are one way to reduce domestic violence and sexual assaults. What is It? In an abusive relationship, the abuser may use a number of tactics other than physical violence in order to maintain power and control over his or her partner: Emotional and verbal abuse: Survivors of domestic violence recount stories of put-downs, public humiliation, name-calling, mind games and manipulation by their partners.

Isolation: It is common for an abuser to be extremely jealous, and insist that the victim not see her friends or family members. Threats and Intimidation: Threats -- including threats of violence, suicide, or of taking away the children -- are a very common tactic employed by the batterer. Women were attacked about six times more often by offenders with whom they had an intimate relationship than were male violence victims. Nearly 30 percent of all female homicide victims were known to have been killed by their husbands, former husbands or boyfriends.

In contrast, just over 3 percent of male homicide victims were known to have been killed by their wives, former wives or girlfriends. Husbands, former husbands, boyfriends and ex-boyfriends committed more than one million violent acts against women. Family members or other people they knew committed more than 2.

Handbook for Battered Leaders

Husbands, former husbands, boyfriends and ex-boyfriends committed 26 percent of rapes and sexual assaults. Forty-five percent of all violent attacks against female victims 12 years old and older by multiple offenders involve offenders they know. The rate of intimate-offender attacks on women separated from their husbands was about three times higher than that of divorced women and about 25 times higher than that of married women.

Women of all races were equally vulnerable to attacks by intimates. Female victims of violence were more likely to be injured when attacked by someone they knew than female victims of violence who were attacked by strangers. Although statistics on family violence are not precise, it's clear that millions of children, women and even men are abused physically by family members and other intimates. Myth: Family violence is confined to the lower classes Reports from police records, victim services, and academic studies show domestic violence exists equally in every socioeconomic group, regardless of race or culture.

So much has been made of the failure of pastors that I fear an assumption of pastoral guilt has been established to explain every problem in a church. What is easily forgotten is just how influential followers are within the church. Followers constitute a group that, although amorphous, nevertheless has members with interests in common. While followers by definition lack authority, at least in relation to their superiors, they do not by definition lack power and influence. Followers can be agents of change. Followers ought to support good leadership and thwart bad leadership. Followers who do something are nearly always preferred to followers who do nothing.

Followers can create change by circumventing their leaders and joining with other followers instead. All of this means that followers are quite powerful.