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Take Me There: Trans and Genderqueer Erotica
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I could hear Autumn getting lube and a condom.

Jen spanked me and reminded me not to move. Then I could feel Autumn pressing against me from behind. I hadn't gotten a chance to see her, but she felt impossibly thick and I had never done that much anal. Most of my partners weren't even interested in topping. She wasn't even in me yet before I started moaning. Jen whispered in my ear about what a good little slut I was being. While Autumn continued to struggle.

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Then suddenly she was inside me. It hurt, but only for a second and each time she slowly slid in and out of me it became even easier to take her. Just slowly sliding in and out of me. In and out. With Jen always whispering in my ear.


It wasn't really that long before Autumn was pounding away at me as hard and deep as she could. Jen's voice had raised by then to more than a whisper and she was gripping my by the hair again. I was dripping everywhere and crying and moaning and loving it. Autumn called me a worthless fuck toy and when she came she gripped me even more tightly and seemed like she was trying to force herself even deeper into me.

Then she collapsed onto me. I remember thinking that I'd probably have to change their names if I ever wrote about what was happening. Jen seemed like a Brittany. Maybe Autumn could be Jade. After she recovering for a second she snapped a leash onto my collar and asked me if I wanted to see something cool. Autumn, with my leash in hand, brought me down to the basement. It was dingy and dark and in the middle of it was a girl handcuffed to a beam. She had a pink blindfold on, a pink ball gag in her mouth, a locked up pink chastity device, and matching pink cuffs for her ankles too.

Autumn said that they call her Lexy. I asked how long she'd been tied up. Autumn said that in a couple weeks their little sissy Lexy will have been with her and Jen for a year. A year of being in some state of bondage or another.

More Than Friends

I was like holy fuck. I couldn't imagine being that committed to a kink. But Autumn said that it wasn't a kink thing. It wasn't even a consensual thing. Lexy was some cis het dude bro that Autumn and Jen had met at a party.

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They had been hitting on Jen and when they realized that she was trans they called her a fucking sissy tranny faggot freak and started beating on her. When Autumn saw it happening she tased the dude.

Then Jen and her decided to take them prisoner and show them what it's like to be a real sissy. They've been force feeding them daily doses of HRT ever since. The house didn't belong to Autumn's parents. It was a rental and they'd been paying for it and everything else by selling their sissy slave's services to men on backpages.

They'd been selling porn of her too. Occasionally they even did cam shows. They weren't even worried about getting caught. Their sissy had changed so much that nobody would recognize them and had been trained to not even try to escape.

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One year. I tried to thing about where I was a year ago and what it would be like to just lose all that time to something like that. To just be property and used. Nothing but a worthless fuck toy for a full year. I was ashamed of it, but I couldn't help but get hard again. Autumn told me that I could do anything I wanted with her and pulled the ball gag out of her mouth. There was already a line of dry cum across her face.

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Autumn said that one of Lexy's clients had come over just before me and Hazel arrived. From the second the ball gag was out Lexy was waiting with her mouth open and tongue out. I told Autumn that she had to let her go and that she couldn't do that to someone. Autumn said that she thought I'd be into it and that I had been talking about doing the same thing earlier.

I said I had only been kidding. She pulled me closer to Lexy by my leash, tied it to the support beam, and told me that she couldn't let me go either if I was going to snitch. Lexy immediately began sucking on me.

Trans Erotica

I moaned. Lexy was actually beautiful. I couldn't imagine anyone ever reading her as a boy anymore. She was good at what she was doing too. She even seemed eager to be doing it. I don't orgasm with people very easily, but Lexy was the one that made it happen that night. She even thanked me after I came in her mouth. Nothing that has been put on me was designed to actually keep a person prisoner the way that Lexy's bondage gear was. My cuffs and collar were only held to each other by little double ended trigger clips.

So when Autumn left to talk to Jen it only took me a second to get out. There were a couple small basement windows, but they had been barred shut. I tried to be quiet while moving back up from the basement and I managed to go unnoticed while I grabbed my jeans, phone, and Hazel's keys. But then Jen and Autumn came in from another room. They saw me and I just bolted.

I got into my car through the passenger side. The door wasn't locked. The lock on that door didn't even work anymore. It was a miracle we had never been robbed. I fumbled with the keys and upon finally getting them into the ignition the car refused to start.

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When I looked up Autumn was grinning right outside the car and waving with a taser in hand. It hurt even more than I expected. Autumn brought me back inside the house and held me against a wall while Jen came over with a couple heavy padlocks and a couple more cuffs. The first lock went on through the hoops of my cuffs and collar. Autumn said that they clearly couldn't trust me as much anymore and then starting kissing me.

Then Jen put the new set of cuffs on my ankles. Autumn gently bit and pulled on my lip as I heard the click of the lock going on my ankles. Then Autumn carried me further into the house. Tossing me on the couch that everything started out on before shoving a gag into my mouth. I could hear Jen talking on her phone in the distance.

Telling someone about a new girl that would now be available to clients for in calls.

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Jen could then be heard correcting herself when a half asleep Hazel crept down the stairs. Two new girls would be joining their agency. I haven't had much free time to write since then. Report Story. Title of your comment:. Please type in the security code You may also listen to a recording of the characters. Pornhub is the most complete and revolutionary porn tube site.