A Womans Journey To Success

A Woman's Journey to Success
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Yes you are amazing! Remembering how a piano player had concerns about your exceptional talent. Continue believing in Philippians We are sooo proud of you. I literally read that verse when I woke up this morning! God is so good! Thank you for your unwavering support! I hope you all are well! Sending my love! So proud of your accomplishments Kris! You are such an amazing person. I watch your performances with Sam Smith every opportunity that I can. Aww thank you so much! I appreciate your support!

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Goal is to have the EP out by the end of the year! Keep being you. Your blessing are being you and living your amazing and best life. Never dream about your gift but live it every single day. May God bless your parents for encouraging you to soar and become the beautiful spirit you are. Live out loud! What an amazing message! I am so grateful to my parents and the love and support they've always given me in my musical journey!

I will continue to walk and live IN my gift, every single day! Thank you! Kim this is a wonderful article! Thank you for sharing your experiences and talents with the youth of today as well as the rest of us. I work with your beautiful mother and I know how proud she and your father must be of you. Good luck with everything!!!! I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog post! Glad you can witness how amazing my mother is, which I've seen all my life!

I'm so blessed! You are the role model I can believe in. You were believed in and supported by a loving wholesome family who adore you. What better example of the path needed for so many of any age to follow. This article is the most positive thing I have read in quite some time.

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Thank YOU! Thank you so much for your comment Todd! I truly am blessed to have had the unconditional love and support of my parents and my community growing up. I want nothing more than to pour that same love in the community where I currently reside, and communities that NEED that same support worldwide- through my talents in skills in music and education.

Thank YOU for your positivity as well!

Comments like yours affirm that what I am doing is what I need to be doing! Congratulations to this well dream catching aspiring young lady! Congratulations Kris on all your success in the music industry.

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I still can picture the moments walking into your house and hearing jazz music being played through your home sound system and then all of a sudden hearing your vocals penetrate through the floors! I can recall moments that Monte spoke so highly of you and really cherished the culture and the Lord above. God bless you and your family. Best of luck on your ventures in the future! God bless! Thank you so much for your comment Brian! My parents most certainly were and still are great role models, and I am truly grateful for all that they poured into me!

I would not have gotten here without them- literally! Thanks for the well wishes! I will certainly forward the message along! Hope all with you is well too! I love that you have a mind for a love of music, traveling spirt. Keep that lovely exploriation of life! Kris Brooks. February 21, Black History Month.

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Congratulations February 21, - pm. Sharon Levy. Wonderful article, Kris!! Wishing you continued blessings and much success! Cecil E. I'm so proud of you and your accomplishments, keep up the great work! Thank you Uncle Cecil!! Love… March 7, - pm. Love you! Happiness February 21, - pm. Deborah Jenkins.

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Aww thank you so much Mrs… March 7, - pm. Amazing Kris February 21, - pm. I literally read that verse… March 7, - pm. So proud of your… February 21, - pm. Cathey Wise. I… March 7, - pm. Very well written, I… February 21, - pm. Estizer, the "Mom".

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A Woman's Journey To Success [Wenses Joseph-Peter] on payproporimim.cf *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. In life there is always a way out no matter what. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Being married to my husband Paul was the best thing that A Woman's Journey to Success Kindle Edition. by Wenses.

Very well written, I enjoyed and congratulations! Thank you Mrs. March 7, - pm.

She met new friends and increased her social networks. Although she had support from her church community, co-workers and friends, Marga kept in touch with the staff to verify information shared, assurance and support by phone or email. She attended program group activities. As a result of the support she received from the program, Marga reported that she had gained the confidence to approach her manager to change her schedule to a shorter daytime shift.

At that point staff provided general information and assisted her in applying for Employment Insurance. Marga also reported that she was happy to have developed friendships and an increased support network as a result of attending group matches and participating in the Health for Two program.